5 Recipes to help you say goodbye to Mango season! – Pink Harvest Farms
5 Recipes to help you say goodbye to Mango season!

5 Recipes to help you say goodbye to Mango season!

5 Recipes to help you say goodbye to Mango season!


Mango background


The end of mango season is upon us and we don’t know about you but for that means putting mangoes on literally everything - until the last fruit is eaten!

So keeping this obsession in mind, we’re here to give you a quick roundup of our 5  all time favourite, healthy mango recipes this season for you to try before we bid farewell to the king of fruits!


1 - Mango Quinoa Salad!

Mango Salad

Refreshing, healthy, crunchy, oh so satisfying - this salad made with simple pantry ingredients is more than the simple sum of all its parts. The nuttiness of the Quinoa, mixed with the tangy sweet of the mango, offset by the light citric sourness of the balsamic vinegar creates an elevated eating experience you don’t want to miss out on!


2 - Mango Quinoa Porridge!

quinoa porridge

Want to eat mangoes with your breakfast ? We have got you covered and how! This wholesome, quick bowl of gluten free porridge made from our White Quinoa is the yummy, nutty, sweet, filling breakfast you have been dreaming of!


3 - Mango Dressing!


Add some colour and taste to your greens this season with the amazing Mango dressing from @Diet_tamasha. This one will have you coming back for seconds & thirds! You can find the full recipe on her profile or the link above!

4 - Tropical Mango Smoothie Bowl!

Mangoes = summer,  but that also means the intense, Indian heat! Cool it down with this chilled, hydrating mango smoothie bowl by Kolkata Foodie. So yummy and so customisable, top it with your favourite fruits, nuts, chia seeds and you’re good to go!



5 - Mango Spinach Smoothie!

Spinach mango smoothie


For the health nuts who love to drink their veggies & fruits, this one is for you. All you need is some spinach, mango and plant milk of your choosing and you have a fun new way to stay hydrated


You can read more about these recipes on our Instagram page or on the individual recipe pages on the blog. Don't forget to tag us @pinkharvestfarms if you try any of them!