Sunflower Seeds 100g | 4 servings – Pink Harvest Farms

Sunflower Seeds 100g | 4 servings

Rs. 129.00



Net Weight - 1 pack weighs 100g
Serving Size - 
4 servings (25 g per serving)
Shelf Life - 24 months
Box Dimensions - 15 X 5 X 24 (cm)
Ingredients - Raw Whole Sunflower Seeds



Brighten your day with the seeds of the brilliant sunflower plant! These seeds have been cultivated by North American tribes for centuries for it's nutritional value. They're high in vitamins E, whir supports healthy skin and vitamins B, essential to the body. Harness the power of the sun with our sunflower seeds - you body will thank you!



✓  Gluten Free
✓  Weight Loss Friendly
✓  Diabetic Friendly
✓  5 g of Protein Per Serving
✓  Rich in B&E Vitamins
✓ 100% Natural