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Bundle of 4 - Quinoa Smart Meals

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Net Weight - 
1 box weight 68g (dehydrated); 250g (hydrated)
Serving Size - 1 x 4 servings 
Shelf Life - 8 months
Allergen Advice - Contains Nuts
Box Dimensions -11 X10.5 X 10.5 (cm)



Staying healthy has never been this easy! Try our super convenient Quinoa Smart Meals made with only quinoa, veggies and spices. Containing no oil, no butter and no preservatives, this perfectly portable ready to eat quinoa meal is the ideal buy for those on the go, those looking to eat something quick yet healthy or even those just too lazy to cook!

They come in two flavours - Masala & Chipotle.




    1. First, remove Contents from the pouch
    2. Pour boiling water till it fully covers the Quinoa by 1/4th inch
    3. Cover well with the lid for 8 mins
    4. Fluff with a fork to enjoy

Best enjoyed with sauteed vegetables in olive oil.

✓ Diabetic Friendly
✓ 8 g of Protein Per Serving
✓ 3 g of Fibre Per Serving
✓ Low Cholesterol



Chipotle Quinoa Smart Meals

Masala Quinoa Smart Meals